How You Can Help

There are many many ways you can get involved and help support Burlington’s schools. Some of these include:

Vote on March 6th (and bring your friends!)


  • Sign up for a leafletting route or to put a sign on your lawn. (More information to come).
  • Speak out in support of the budget on your Front Porch Forum, Neighborhood Planning Assembly meeting, on social media, and through your PTO. Need help with what to say? See our FAQ  page or email us for a fact sheet.
  • Write to your local representative or city counselor and, if they support the budget, ask them to speak out.
  • Pick a local media outlet and commit to checking school/budget related articles and commenting in support of the budget (Most comments to date have been negative). WCAXWPTZBFPSevenDays,Fox44
  • Share the Burlington Friends of Education Facebook page and updates on your own facebook page.
  • Take a photo of yourself holding a sign that says why you’re voting yes, and post it. Make your own or use ours.
  • Stand outside your school in the morning or after school, and help spread the word to parents.

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